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Reader's Reviews 

“My Incredible Life Journey” by Dr. Margaret P. Price is a riveting book that captures your curiosity and interest. As you start reading her life story, you become engaged and begin to feel that you’re a silent participant as she moves through the phases of childhood to adulthood.  Her recollections of growing up in Tobago, the country in which she was born, paints an indelible picture of family and values that have shaped her socially and spiritually. You want to accompany her as she recalls the paths that she took and decisions she made to achieve her goals. She is an incredible example of a silent and confident woman whose purpose in life is to help and serve others. Margaret, I applaud you for your generosity, friendship, and guidance when I was a student at the University of Western Ontario (one of the group of students from the Caribbean who were attending Western) and so happy that you’ve continued to be an important person in my life and a friend."
Denise Herrera Jackson


"Dr Price’s tells her life story from a space deep within her.  Her apparent predisposition to a life of service was reinforced by the example shown by her mother and the strong sense of community in Tobago where she spent her early years. 

Quite apart from her boundless energy, Dr Price demonstrates formidable skills, well suited to a life of service - people, problem solving and managerial skills. It is uncanny how her deep faith and her abiding practice of the presence of her Creator served to leverage these skills. 

Heeding always the guidance from her Creator, she would fearlessly move on to fresh challenges - despite current comfort and security. Often opportunities appeared spontaneously, triggered by the ‘impressions’ she left on folks (an energy that seemed to radiate from a space deep inside her).

Dr Price has no children; yet she forged a large extended family of adopted children and grandchildren - all strongly bonded to her through the sheer impact of her love and abiding spirituality.

Dr Price has crammed many ‘average’ life journeys into her incredible journey of love faith and sheer zest for life; and she makes this journey seem almost commonplace. Her message (and challenge) is that you could also follow this path."

Dr. Winston Klass

"This is truly an incredible journey. This book assembles all the parts of the puzzle in a way that makes you understand the principles, kindness and intelligence of Dr. Price whom many of us her children affectionately call Aunty Margaret." 

George Kogbe , MBA, PMP


"My Incredible Life’s Journey documents the mid-20th century migration of Afro-Caribbean people as it provides a glimpse into the life of one little girl as she finds her place in the world. That little girl would go on to impact the lives of countless people around the world; a Caribbean puzzle piece on the map of the world.

Margaret Price’s book is a guiding light for every young person embarking on their own life journey, and for those who may have found themselves lost along the way. It is impossible to read this book and not come away transformed by the work of this extraordinary woman who has changed the lives of countless people in her tireless service, while welcoming God’s power to work through her. 

The life journey of Margaret Price is a testament to her faith, resourcefulness, tireless action, and above all - service - which continues to benefit all humanity."

Gail Cornwall  

"I have no doubt that this book will have a huge impact on the lives of those who read it. It certainly provides affirmation of  the power of prayers and how the gift of discernment can be developed and used by those who trust in the Lord and turn to Him, with a willingness to listen,  while navigating the vicissitudes of this life.
In this beautifully written autobiography, Dr Price takes the reader on a rather fascinating journey from her humble beginnings in the beautiful island of Tobago in the lovely Caribbean, through many vast, distant, countries in Europe, Africa  and the Americas in her quest of not only fulfilling her educational and professional aspirations, but more importantly, rendering service to humanity as a professional nurse, educator, epidemiologist and community organizer .In this journey, she displays amazing honesty as she confronts her own vulnerabilities in dealing with the challenges of working with large healthcare institutions, colleges  and international organizations, wielding at times tremendous directorial and administrative authority. What is perhaps most admirable about her is the seeming ease with which this woman of such humble beginnings  is able to make adaptive responses to the various cultures in which she becomes immersed from time to time at varying stages of her life. Very notable, also, is the manner in which she mobilizes resources, and the value and respect she accords the inputs of those persons in whose lives she is attempting to find solutions to problems and effect positive changes.
While one witnesses personal sacrifices in this journey, Dr Price makes no secret of her good fortune in her chance encounters with positive people at the right time, even an angel on one such occasion. She mentions also the other benefits she enjoyed on some job assignments, such as, the proximity of fine tropical beaches and opportunities to connect with friends and family. She also expresses gratitude for the huge, loving,  non- biological family she has inherited along the way.
Throughout this journey, Dr Price acknowledges and extols the unstinting support of her biological family and , in particular, the early parental  Christian messages of endorsement  and encouragement which have provided a moral and spiritual  compass in her life, At  every point of  this journey, also, her catholic faith is evident as she  relies on her attendance at Mass and involvement in other spiritual movements within the  Church to buttress her spirituality. She also gives God the glory and praise for all  of her accomplishments.
This is an inspiring, must-read about a beautiful black woman who has made , and continues to make, positive differences to humanity, armed with a pleasant smile, intelligence, determination, humility and an  unwavering belief in God. And for those who would like to emulate her, she has thoughtfully provided a collection of pertinent Bible passages and inspirational quotes which will prove to be very helpful."

Winston McAuley, B.A, MSW.,Registered Social Worker


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