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The Journey begins in Tobago, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the land of my birth and early nurturing. Located in the southern Caribbean and surrounded by coral reefs, it covers only 116 sq. miles (300 sq. Km) of this earth but is the premier ecotourism destination in the world and is truly a nirvana for naturalists. The island has the oldest protected rain forest in the Western hemisphere. (Since 1776) and its coral reefs are rated as the third best in the world.

Head of the British Commonwealth.  I arrived here in the early 1950’s when there was mass migration of persons from different parts of the commonwealth to be educated as nurses.

Presently consisting of twenty countries, the Caribbean, CARICOM is the oldest surviving integration movement in the developing world. It is truly multiracial and multicultural. The main ethnic groups include Indigenous peoples, Africans, Indians, Europeans, Chinese, and Javanese.

The largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world located in Trinidad and the world’s highest single drop waterfalls, Kaieteur falls, 4 ½ times higher than Niagara falls is located in Guyana. Both are worth a visit.

I migrated to Canada in 1963. Truly enjoyed the four seasons, seeing the changing leaves in autumn, the snow in winter, the many lakes, and Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world and the Rockies. I experienced the beauty of different cultures that were coming together. I felt a sense of belonging, applied for, and obtained citizenship in 1967.


While in Canada I was also able to visit Japan, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Western Canada, and parts of the western USA, each of which is unique and different culturally.

Southern Africa abounds with sights of natural beauty. The landscape, the flora and fauna, the variety of wild animals including elephants, buffalos, rhinos, giraffes, and brown hyenas and many more are wonderful to behold.


Zambia and Zimbabwe share views of Victoria falls where the Zambezi River which flows between the 2 countries is the world’s greatest sheet of flowing water.  Double the height of Niagara falls and half a kilometre wider, it plummets over a cliff 5,604ft/1,708 meters in width at a height of 354ft/108meters, into a boiling pot, before flowing through a series of gorges’. In the wet season the spray from the falls can rise 400m above the falls and can be seen 48km away,


The Great Zimbabwe National Monument, now a World Heritage Site reflects the history of a Zimbabwean civilization that existed more than 2 centuries ago.

This book contains the memoirs of an individual who originated from one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean and rose to the top of her chosen profession, while serving God and her neighbors in more than 17 countries and leaving a legacy of professionals, priests and other leaders who are committed to the service of others with joyful and happy hearts.

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